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0.6% of turnover


0.2% of turnover

The affiliate program from CryptoTonna is a profitable offer for those who want to earn without much effort. We have two tiers of turnover percentages, which means that you can earn income not only from your own sales, but also from the sales of your referrals.

The first level of accrual provides for the payment of interest on transactions made through your affiliate link. The greater the amount of turnover of your referral with us, the higher your income will be. But that is not all! The second level of accrual gives you the opportunity to receive a percentage of the sales made by your referrals. This means that if you bring new partners who also start earning, you get additional income from their sales.

We have no limits on the number of referrals you can get and no limits on your earnings. The more referrals you have and the more sales they make, the higher your income. Referral accruals are calculated on the company"s profit in each specific exchange direction. We offer high interest rates and a transparent reporting system so you can always keep track of your income. We draw your attention to some rules: it is forbidden to use our exchange service to make a profit due to the difference in rates, it is forbidden to create several referral accounts for the same person, it is also worth considering that there are exchange directions in which our service does not receive profit or works at a loss - in such cases, referral interest is not charged to the user.

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